Matrix Repatterning

What Is Your Matrix?

With recent developments in high powered microscopes, we now know that the entire body is composed of a continuous fibrous network within each cell and between cells. This forms an interconnected framework called the Biotensegrity Matrix, or simply the Matrix.

The Problem

The matrix is normally flexible and resilient, however injuries can cause it to become rigid and even more vulnerable to further injury. According to physics, dense substances absorb most of the force of impact. The densest structures in the are bone and the fibrous tissue surrounding the fluid-filled organs. Evidence has shown that injury causes these structures to expand at the cellular level, creating local areal of tension with altered electrical properties, called Primary Restrictions (see ‘Measurable Bone Enlargement’ below).

Mechanical tension from a Primary Restriction is transmitted by the Matrix to many other areas. For example, notice how clenching your fists can increase tension in your neck and shoulders (see ‘Strain Patterns’ lower right). This is how injuries accumulated over a lifetime can created layers of tension throughout the body, resulting in strain, pain, limited movement and many other health issues.

Measurable bone enlargement resulting from injury

What is Matrix Repatterining®

Matrix Repatterning is an advanced therapeutic system based on sound scientific principles and an understanding of the structural and bio-electric effects of injury on the deep framework of the body (the Matrix).

The Solution

Certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioners (CMRPs) are trained to locate the measurable bone enlargements and other structural changes caused by injury. In addition, they use specialized tools to precisely locate the often-hidden eletronic fingerprints of injury cause by cellular expansion, which are usually overlooked by other assessment methods.

Treatment is focussed on releasing these deeper layers of tension to systematically repattern the Matrix and resolve a lifetime of injuries. This is why Matrix Repatterning has been clinically recognized to provide measurable improvement in mobility and joint stability, lasting pain relief and an improved quality of life, from in Inside-Out.


Matrix Repatterning® has demonstrated benefit for the following conditions:

  • concussion, headache, migraine
  • dizziness, ear noise, TMJ disdorder
  • Neck, Shoulder & Upper Back Pain
  • Low back pain, sciatica, scoliosis
  • hip, knee ankle & foot pain
  • low back pain, sciatica, scoliosis
  • hip knee, ankle & foot pain
  • arm, elbow & wrist pain, carpal tunnel syndrome
  • pelvic disorders: menstral pain, incontinence, ED
  • snoring & sleep apnea
  • digestive complaints, reflux (gerd)
  • circulatory conditions
  • arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic pain

Matrix repatterining, represents the culmination of over 40 years of research into the structural basis of health. Certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioners (CMRPs) throughout the world, who have completed a comprehensive post-graduate training program, are able to apply these principles to provide relief from many acute and chronic conditions.

What Can I Expect From Matrix Repatterning® Sessions?

Assessment involves a detailed examination of bone size and shape, ranges-of-motion, joint stability, tissue tone, nerve function, and other objective tests. A bio-electric scan, using a breakthrough magnetic device (MatrixMag™ Scanner), is also performed to detect the electrical changes caused by injury, and confirm the precise location of Primary Restrictions. Your practitioner can demonstrate potential improvement, even before treatment begins, and recommend a treatment plan to resolve your condition.
Treatment involves gentle manual therapy combined with bio-electric stimulation provided by the MatrixMag™ Scanner. Each area may be treated in a variety of directions and a series of sessions may be necessary to release the entire pattern and restore optimal structural balance. Although treatment is gentle and painless, some people may experience temporary, mild-to-moderate symptoms following treatment as the body adapts to the profound changes.

Bio-electric Scan and Treatment